Turn your website into an efficient sales channel

Present your offering and enable your customers to book and pay directly online. Thanks to wy.by without any costly licence and setup fees but quickly, simple and inexpensive.

Comprehensive online reservation system

Creating Offers

  • Create offers for available objects and accessories only
  • Offer creation by lessee or lessor considering all relevant time- and price-parameters
  • Automatically offer the best price
  • Consideration of season specific rental conditions, even when rental duration covers multiple seasons
  • Consideration of minimum rental duration, volume discounts and prolongations
  • Consideration of all available accessories
  • Shows quantity of included and price for additional consumables
  • Shows all conditional fees
  • Allows lessor to edit optional discounts and surcharges

Rental Transaction

  • Covers the whole rental process for lessee and lessor:
    • Search wanted object, compare favorites and select preferred rental object
    • Create rental offer for available object
    • Make temporary reservations
    • Create booking with down- or full-payment
    • Handover with full payment of rental fee
    • Memorize incidents while object is in use
    • Report and account for damages and repairs when object is brought back
    • Prepare final invoice considering rental duration, prolongations, consumables, damages, conditional fees and lessor entered discounts and surcharges
  • Temporarily restricted reservations with or without reservation fee
  • Booking with or without lessor defined down-payment
  • Automatic calculation and debiting of cancellation fees
  • Accounting of all transaction specific payments
  • Assigning of a physical rental object out of a rental object group to a rental transaction according to the preferences of the lessor
  • Attachement and management of rental documents to the transaction
  • Automatic status change notifications by email to lessee and lessor
  • Possibility to make maintenance bookings
  • Possibility to define mandatory maintenance periods in between two rental transactions


  • Final invoice taking all previously made payments into account
  • Take offered price, prolongations, conditional fees and consumed quantities into account for final invoice
  • Lessor can add individual discounts or surcharges to final invoice
  • Possibility to use different, item specific VAT rates


  • Possible payment methods:
    • Creditcards (All types offered by our payment solution provider Datatrans)
    • Paypal (via Datatrans)
    • Bank-Transfer
    • Cash on lessors premises
  • Detailed accounting off all charges and payments per rental transaction (Cash payments and bank-transfers have to be entered manually by the lessor unless an interface to the cash register or e-banking solution is implemented)