«I just reserved the cultivator online.
Amazing, isn't it?»

The comprehensive reservation system for machinery cooperatives

Improved utilization of machinery

Efficient billing process according to time and usage

Online booking, whenever and wherever

Improved utilization of machinery

Andreas Müller
The introduction of wy.by has paid off. Nobody wants to go back. Neither the farmers nor the Landi.
Andreas Müller Landi Wilchingen
Markus Käppeli
Our biggest advantage is having the overview of all machines and the simplified invoicing. In addition, it is much less of a barrier to renting than when you have to pick up the phone and ask.
Markus Käppeli MG Hildisrieden
The users can see who the previous user is and can therefore communicate well with each other. This may allow a machine to be handed over right on the field.
Reinhard Heinz MG Flerden Urmein
Martin Germann
We wanted to go with the times. The boys think it's cool to book the machines with their mobile phones. Once the system is setup, it's a self runner.
Martin Germann Landi Weinland


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Benefits for machinery cooperatives

  • Efficient billing process according to time and usage
  • Improved utilization of machinery
  • Availability of machines visible on calendar
  • No empty runs to the machine booklet in the machine hall
  • Optimization of the machine park across community boundaries
  • Online booking, whenever and wherever

Special functions

  • Complete support, from booking to user data collection and billing
  • Only registered users can book
  • Easy invitation process for new customers
  • Bookings via smartphone (iPhone and Android) or PC
  • The farmer sees pre- and post-lessees and can agree to the handover
  • Cost allocation via time and consumption values (number of hay bales, area worked, etc.)
  • Immediate value logging upon return of the machine
  • The machines can be either centrally located or stationed at different farmers' sites
  • The farmer can rent machinery from one or more cooperatives
  • Machine search according to preferred locations
  • Different prices for members and non-members
  • Services and accessories bookable with one machine
  • Wage companies can also be booked and accounted for
  • Quick set up with easy steps over a few days: Create an account, enter locations and machines, import users, invite users, and off you go!
  • Swiss solution from Swiss data centers with several years of proven experience

Organisationen, die wy.by heute schon nutzen

  • GVS Landi AG
  • Landi Beringen
  • Landi Hallau
  • Landi Gutmadingen
  • Landi Merishausen
  • Landi Wilchingen
  • Landi Löhningen
  • Landi Weinland
  • Maschinengenossenschaft Aesch bei Birmensdorf
  • Maschinen­genossenschaft Flerden Urmein
  • Maschinen­genossenschaft Hildisrieden
  • Maschinen­verein Ausserheinzenberg
  • Milchproduzenten Genossenschaft Malans