Transparent and fair. Lessees use the reservation system free of charge.

Calculate your fee based on your monthly turnover (does not apply to parking lots rental)


Revenue per month

Commission in percentage

{{pVM.totalPercentage | numberFormat}}%

Calculation details

Revenue share per month in {{pVM.selectedTab}}
Commission in %
Commission in {{pVM.selectedTab}} (exkl. MwSt.)
{{priceBreakDown.priceFrom | numberFormat}}.– to {{priceBreakDown.priceTo | numberFormat}}.–
{{priceBreakDown.percentage| numberFormat}}
{{priceBreakDown.commision| numberFormat}}
above {{(pVM.maxPart.priceFrom - 1) | numberFormat}}
{{pVM.maxPart.percentage| numberFormat}}
{{pVM.maxPart.commision| numberFormat}}

One-time set-up fee by arrangement. All amounts exclude value added tax. Minimum fee per month: {{pVM.minPrice}}.- {{pVM.selectedTab}}

Can I cancel any time?

Yes. is a Swiss pay-as-you-go service with no long-term lock-in. You can cancel your account at any time per end of month with a simple e-mail to us.

Is there any setup support?

We are happy to offer additional support beyond the initial setup.

When will I receive my bill?

We send a monthly bill for the commission on the rental income of the previous month. This is based on all rentals that started during that month. The start date of the rental period is decisive.

What are the payment conditions?

The payment is due within 30 days of the invoice’s issue date.