Manage seasons, rental durations and prices

No matter if you have a very sophisticated price model, making use of seasons, weekend-prices, day and night prices and more, or if you have a very simple duration based price scheme, you can manage it in, incl. optional and cancellation fees.

Sophisticated price model

  • Business-year specific price model with possibility to copy it for upcoming years
  • Season specific prices
  • Season specific rental conditions
  • Weekday specific prices
  • Daytime specific prices
  • Rental duration dependent discount scheme
  • Account for consumables
  • Define included consumable quantities (i.e, free mileage)
  • Define minimal rental duration
  • Define minimal invoiced rental duration per season
  • Define general fees per location and object
  • Define conditional fees for reservations, bookings, cancellation and more
  • Define notification period dependent cancellation fees