About us

Innovation for lessors and lessees

wy.by is an innovative Swiss company.

wy.by designs, develops and maintains one of  the first European, completely web-based reservation and management solution for the rental business of different industries. wy.by offers much more than conventional advertising pages for rental items.

With wy.by rental transactions can directly be done online between lessor and lessee. An innovation in the European market, which allows lessors to operate their rental business more efficient and customer-oriented. Renting made easy.

Lessee can always search online, compare, and book directly online. It's so easy.

Marcel Tschanen

Marcel Tschanen

wy.by Managing Director / Owner

dipl. Ing. ETH, MBA in Innovation, Strategy and Information Technology

Marcel Tschanen is the driving force behind wy.by. For many years he has been involved in conception and development, Implementation and optimization of reservation systems. He has extensive experience in this field, which he has acquired e.g. as IT manager in well-known companies of the tourism industry.

Werner Mattes

Werner Mattes

Owner Icontel AG and wy.by AG

dipl. Ing. ETH, BWI

Werner Mattes is responsible for the development of the web-based reservation and management system for Rentals. He and his development team at Icontel AG adapt the wy.by solution to the needs of various industries. sectors in the rental business. In this way, wy.by ensures that the peculiarities of various rental transactions are taken into account to be.

Caroline Rosenberger

Caroline Rosenberger

Sales Director wy.by AG

Caroline Rosenberger is responsible for sales at wy.by. She covers the sales strategy, customer and partner support as well as marketing. She has many years of experience in B2B business, in setting up and expanding sales departments, as well as "on the front line". As the owner of Salesangel by Carob GmbH, she accompanies wy.by in its sales activities in Switzerland and abroad and is its contact person.